Thursday, March 4, 2010

General Hunt Info

Thanks for your interest in the Fallen Angel Hunt. This blog contains all the info you will need to either be a vendor or a hunter for this hunt.

Ok so...this is the first time I have organized a hunt, although I have participated in many through my store. As long as everyone does their part things should run smoothly, and we will have a fun hunt.

This hunt will run May 15th thru June 30th. I will be accepting applications until May 1st up to 100 vendors. This will give me time to do a walk through and have everything up and running properly for the start.

The theme for this hunt is "Darkness Within" You can interpret this any way you wish. It gives you room to use your imagination when you are creating. All creations must be original, that means no business in a box stuff, no junk freebies etc etc. We want quality things so ppl will want to do the hunt and come back to your store. Any Type of store is welcome in this hunt.

Once you have been approved for this hunt you will receive a package with more information on the time line for this hunt and a sign to put out front of your store.

Looking forward to a great hunt,

Hunt Organizers
♥Sakura Starsmith♥
funfun61 Gloom