Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hunt is Filled!!!

Ok everyone the hunt is coming up very soon! We have successfully filled all 150 spots and I am very excited. We have some amazing designers and I am looking forward to seeing all the prizes. I have put together a little time line (these are approximate allowing) and with everyone's participation things will run smoothly.

You will be receiving an updated sign for your store on May 1st. This sign will have hunter info in it instead of application info in it. You will need to exchange the signs asap

You should be receiving you hunt boxes around the 5th of the month, (that gives me time to do a walk thru and adjust all the LM changes I have received and make sure the hunter signs are up)

You will need to have you hunt items out by your sign by May 9th they do not have to be filled but they need to be out so I can check the LMs and make sure ur set up.

I will be doing a final walk through on the 11th to check for trouble spots etc etc and we will go from there.

I will be blogging pictures of all the prizes so once you have yours done send me a full perm texture of you gift. Make sure u label it FAH-(Prize Name)-(your store name) If you could send those in ASAP so I can get started on it that would be great as well!

Thanks and keep up the great work everyone!!

♥Sakura Starsmith♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So today we received our 100th accepted application. We originally decided to limit this hunt to 100 vendors but since we are still getting applications from awesome vendors, and because we still have a while till the hunt actually starts, we've decided to add another 50 spots. If you know anyone interested have them get their applications in soon because these spots will not last!!
Keep up the good work!